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NameCheque (Check)
IndustryMoney Transfer
Minimum Deposit25€
Maximum Deposit40.000€

Cheque Basic Informations

About ChequeCheques (Check) are probably one of the oldest financial instruments that are widely used for making fund deposits and withdrawals. Cheques are used to carry out offline financial transactions only, as the physical cheque has to be sent to the payee. Cheques are accepted world over as a means of payment and withdrawal, and are regulated by banking authorities of the respective nations. Cheques can be used to deposit funds into casino accounts. However, you would need to check if the casino accepts payment through cheques or not.
How can we use ChequeTo issue a cheque for making deposits into a casino account, you need a bank account and a cheque book issued by your bank. Then you need to ensure your casino accepts payments by way of cheque, and if it does, you can fill out and send the cheque to their address. A cheque carries the name and account number of payee, the amount to be transferred, date of transfer request, and signature of the account holder who is initiating the funds transfer. After filling in details and signing the cheque the account holder can mail the cheque to the address suggested by the cashier.
Account CurrenciesAll
Transaction TimeThe cheque may take 2-10 days
SecurityCheques offer a tamper-proof and fraud-free method of funding casino accounts. Once you have issued a cheque you can stay assured that the funds would safely get credited to your casino account.